By Jiao Dong
12 February 2024

Welcome to the second post of our Founder’s Series! You can find our first post in where we wrote about our early exploration of “AI Town”, what works, what doesn’t work from hands on experiments from March to May, 2023, prototype v1 and v2. These are valuable corner stones that sets the path to where we’re right now, despite being very early.

In this blog post, you will see:

This blog is a continuation of the series that covers our exploration from June to Oct, 2023, prototype v3 and v4.

Please keep in mind that our latest version of mobile product looks completely different from what I wrote in this post post, as this version mainly focuses on exploring and pushing the limitations of AI Agents, despite they use exactly the same backend multi-agent framework we built in-house.

By Jiao Dong
19 November 2023

This is the first post of the inaugural Founder’s Series! I’m Jiao Dong (董骥骜), CEO and co-founder of Nuva Lab. An engineer passionate about AI / AI Infra, content creation, gaming, and consumer tech.

Through this series, we aspire to provide insights that shed light on our product and share our story — where we started, where we stand now, and where we’re headed.

In this blog, you’ll discover:

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By Jiao Dong
9 November 2023

Today we graduated from the first batch of Conviction’s Embed accelerator among twelve other AI-native builder teams.

It felt indeed as the article above mentioned: We’re creating a Schelling Point, a way for people who want to be on the frontier of AI to find one another easily. It’s as if you put a sign in New York City that said, ‘Oregon Trail Caravans, This Way’.

It felt great to be surrounded by peers, each with their own version of what the world should look like, buliding with Conviction. Chatting with all the guest speakers in casual setting made you feel like the journey of building a great company is not far away at all.

There has never been a better time to start a startup. We will cherish the comradery and all the learnings forever.